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How to Fold Decorative Bathroom Towels

A bathroom is not only a room for taking care of a person's hygiene needs. It can also be a decorated showcase. Decorative bathroom towels are part of the showcase, but only if they are out on display. The best way to fold decorative towels is to make the decoration centered. When folded properly, i

Plastic in Furniture Industry

In the world of home decoration, furniture is important. This furniture is the foremost part of a house. It creates the atmosphere inside the house and it increases the comfort of the house. This furniture ...

How to Sew Window Panels

If you have basic sewing skills, put them to good use in your home. Learn how to sew window panels, and you can give a bold new look to all your window treatments for a fraction of the cost of store-bought curtains. Window panels provide a simple yet impressive statement for your windows, shielding

How to Choose Wood Blinds

Wood blinds add warmth to a room, allow you to control light, and can also help insulate the room. Wood blinds are usually constructed from ramin wood or bass wood. Bass wood is the best choice as it is stronger and has a more distinctive grain. Ramin wood provides a more economical alternative, how

How to Calculate Stucco

Stucco is a common building material used to finish walls and ceilings. If you are attempting to stucco a surface by yourself, however, you need to know the proper quantity to mix a durable stucco batch for the amount of surface that you will be covering. Thankfully, for those unfamiliar with the st

The Best Lighting for a Small Shop

Avoid using a table lamp as it does not provide much lighting for a store.Shana Novak/Photodisc/Getty ImagesIf you are opening a small shop that is rather dark or poorly lit, you need to invest in some proper lighting, so your customers can see your products and merchandise. While there...

How to Make a Pattern to Reupholster a Sofa

Reupholstering furniture will give your space a whole new look for less. At a fraction of what you might spend at the furniture store, you can find the look and quality of upholstery fabric you want for your home. While it will mean making a mess of the piece in the process, the end result will be a

How to Set a Victorian Table

In the Victorian era, homemaking traditions such as setting a formal table were elevated to a fine art. Formal dinners gave Victorian hostesses a great excuse to show off their best china, silverware, stemware and most lavish table centerpieces and adornments. Today, a beautifully set Victorian tabl

How to Design a Yard Sign Online

Yard signs are a popular method of advertising real estate agents, political candidates, contractors and new land developers. If you use yard signs as part of your business or political campaign, it is important to design a sign that looks attractive, professional and is well-targeted to your audien

Ralph Lauren Painting Tips

One of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to update an area is to paint. When working with Ralph Lauren paint, take advantage of different tips regarding how to choose the best sheen, color and finish. Know all necessary information prior to starting the paint job so that you are not greeted wit

How to Make a Closet in Your Home

Many older homes don't have sufficient closet space to hold all the clothing and possessions of a modern family. With a few tools and a weekend of work, you can create another closet in your home and get a lot of your clutter organized. Look over your whole house before beginning and choose a locati