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How to Prepare Your Child to Face Tough Circumstances as a Christian Parent

In increasingly tough times, it is important that children learn tools to handle the adversity they will face as they get older. As a Christian parent, it is vital to teach children how to trust God in all circumstances, because he is their only hope when they encounter hardships or ridicule because

Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

Like everything else in this world, churches also go through change. When I joined a church in 1979 it was in the process of change. At the time it belonged to the Baptist Union and shortly after me j

"highly Trained" Leeches Detox Demi

At 45 years old, Demi is 15 years older than her toy boy husband Ashton Kutcher. She hit the headlines a few years ago when she spend a whopping £220,000 on head-to-toe plastic surgery in order to imp

New Moon in Gemini

Some thoughts on the New Moon in Gemini, May 24th, 2009.

Planting the Seeds of Faith

Faith is much like planting a seed. The belief you have will start out as a small seed but when nurtured it will flourish and bloom.

The Dead Sea in the Bible

The Primordial Sea, the Plains Sea, the Salt Sea – these are but a few of the names of the Dead Sea, which features in narratives throughout religious history.

White Sun - Interesting Questions; Interesting Answers

There are four types of reincarnation. When animals, fowls, fishes and worms die, their souls are sucked by the energy of Hades into The Third Tribunal in the Underworld. They cannot be returned to human form until and unless they have repaid for their previous sins.

I Serve the God of Prosperity

I have been a born-again Christian for 13 years now and my walk with God has made me discover and understand him the more. I now see him differently from the way I used to see him when I was an unbeliever; I have come to realize that he is a God of prosperity.

Most Powerful Jalali Wazifa for Love

The Jalali Wazifa is that the in the main fanatical variety of Wazifa, which may solely be nominated by a personality's being and may solely be finished with authorization. Each Wazifa have s

Christian Candy Bar Gift Ideas

Making a gift for a Christian friend or relative is always a great opportunity for you to show how much you care for that person's religious views. A Christian candy bar will be a sweet and perfect gift for that person that you care for and respect. By associating something sweet with her faith, you

Small Group Bible Study Activities

OverviewBrand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesThere are many different ways to run a small group Bible study, depending on the size of the group and the amount of time you have. The first thing to realize is that perhaps not everyone knows each other well, and many people are in...

The Dark Mountains Have Ruined the World

There are many things in this world that have dark connotations and the one that stands out the most is religion. The bible describes how they came about and my research took me to Babylon to discover their substance.

Teaching My Children About Other Religions

After following a blog for years in which the author proudly states her religious beliefs, Theresa Santoro steps from behind the curtain to own her religion.As a mother and Nanny, Ms. Santoro reaches out to the reader to consider a brotherhood of many religions especially during the holidays.

Sunday School Lessons From a Pentecostal Perspective

The second half of the 19th century saw the emergence of the Pentecostal movement among American Protestant believers. Distinguished by their desire for a deeply meaningful and outwardly exhibited relationship with God, those following the Pentecostal movement advanced their fervent belief in the im