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A Rather Harsh Critique on the Current Direction of Our Nation

Do you believe that the federal government should dictate how much executives on Wall Street are paid? Do you believe the Obama administration should be allowed to let Chrysler break bankruptcy laws? Is it your contention that the Obama administration did the right thing when it bailed out the auto

Today's New Choices in Fingerprint Ink Pads

The last time that you were arrested did you stop to appreciate the ink pad that they were fingerprinting you with? If you are like most people, you most likely didn't and its a darn shame. This is because fingerprinting and fingerprinting ink pads just aren't what they used to be and now

Jacket Scrubs Add Some Style To Your Look

Just because your career is within the medical community does not mean you cannot have fun at the workplace while still having your own unique identity. In fact, medical apparel is quickly gaining in

Some Valuable Educational Alternatives For At-risk Adolescents

Moms and dads of teenagers considered vulnerable may consider sending their child to correctional educational institutions, schools with alcohol abuse programs, schools for teen parents, weekend or perhaps evening schools, and universities that offer General Equivalency Diploma study courses.

Posting Bail to Get Out of Jail!

If you or a loved one get arrested what is the best course of action? Posting bail with a licensed bail bondsman is one of the best ways to ensure you can properly defend your innocence at your trial.

Original Thought

Years ago, people had and used time very differently than today. In the hustle-bustle of today's fast paced world, few people conjure original thought. I stare at bookshelves and read countless books to discover accumulated knowledge being regurgitated in various forms, through different jargon

A Brief History Of Green Scrubs

Surgical greens have an intriguing history in our culture. Named after the color, surgical greens have been a part of surgical attire since the 1970s. Why choose the color green? Well, interestingly,

Staying Up to Date on Your Reading

One of the best online organizers that are also free is the Google Reader to keep online publications and newsletters organized. In one place on a single screen you can see all your publications along with how many items you have unread by publication.

A Glimpse Of The Weapons Used During World War Ii

The Second World War took place from the year 1939 to 1945 and it took place between the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. This war is regarded as the worst war in history because it led to the deaths of a huge number of people. This war has seen the use of different kinds of life threatening weapo

Accelerating Avalanche Rescue Response

One of the biggest issues in extreme skiing is the risk of avalanche and although most people are well aware of this problem, often they will take life into their own hands for that ultimate thrill on an other wise very risky and unstable slope.

Let's Collect Carbon and Make Stuff Out Of It - Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

The other day, I was sitting at an outside patio at Starbucks, the one nearest the University. There were two students there studying organic chemistry as part of a prerequisite for what looked like a nursing program. Of course, along with organic chemistry they also had to study a little bit of the

Polar Shift 2012 - What Are the Odds?

The dreaded polar shift of 2012 is a theory that is based on the Mayan's predictions. However, there are other theories that backup the apocalyptic event of December 2012. It is quite alarming to hear varying opinions about it and other folks are sharing their piece of minds in terms of how the

Current Affairs for IAS Exams

one should realize the importance of current affairs in our lives, the sooner one realizes, the better. Entrance exams like IAS dedicate a considerable portion to current affairs section, which makes

Germs From Space!

In the original 'War of the Worlds' novel, our Martian invaders where thwarted not by us high and mighty humans, but by humble terrestrial bacteria who just ate them up! The question therefore is woul