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How to Build a Solar Hot Air Collector

Homeowners trying to cut down on their winter heating bills are looking more and more into constructing their own solar air heating systems --- without paying a professional. There are many easy ways to heat your home with solar energy without shelling out a small fortune for commercial solar panels

How to Seal a Vinyl Tile Floor

Vinyl floors are a durable and keep their beauty for years if properly cared for. You need to seal a vinyl tile floor after it is laid and every few years as it begins to dull. High traffic areas may need to be finished more often. Vinyl floor finishes, available at most home improvement stores, hel

How to Paint Harlequin Accents

Harlequin accents are a wall decoration made from diamond-shaped tiles or tile painting, colored with two or more colors and usually arranged in an irregular fashion. Harlequin accents are suggestive of old-fashioned playing cards and lend a bohemian look to a space while being simple to create with

Ideas for Putting a Wood Post at a Driveway Entrance

Use wood posts at a driveway entrance for decorating purposes.bird feed image by michael langley from Fotolia.comPut a wood post at a driveway entrance to give visitors a glimpse of what is to come. Use it as a prelude to showcase your landscaping style and the exterior design scheme of...

How to Install Door Hardware

When you buy a new door, it often comes without the knob-and-latch assembly installed. Instead, it will just have two intersecting holes bored into the door, one on the face near the front edge, and a second, smaller hole going in through the front edge. The holes are positioned to fit one of a few

The Best Frugal Kitchen Dividers

The best frugal kitchen dividers are stylish and comfortable without feeling inexpensive or flimsy. Determine the look you want to create. For instance, your room could be retro and playful, chic and austere or warm and masculine. Choose among affordable options to bring your look to life. If you po

Directions to Install Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors are attractive, wear-resistant and require a minimum of maintenance. Installing a terrazzo floor can be easy or difficult, depending upon the quality of preparation and the tools and materials selected to do the job. Two step-by-step methods are given below, the first for installatio

How to Balance a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans have many useful applications around the home. Many people use this circular, rotating device inside kitchen cabinets, then load it with pantry goods, dishes or glasses. Instead of trying to reach deep inside the cabinet to grab something, you can simply turn the lazy Susan until the ite

House Remodeling Projects

Remodeling projects for your house range from the simple and cheap to the complex and expensive. Some projects are suited for a beginning do-it-yourselfer and others require the input of a professional. Most improvements to your house can improve its value. Others simply add to your enjoyment and pr

How to Cut Miters in Plywood

A radial arm saw makes an accurate and quick cut on small pieces of plywood, but for general all-around use, the table saw is more versatile. With the proper adjustments, the floor models are capable of producing a 45-degree angled miter cut on small to medium-sized pieces of plywood. Whether you ar

Do it Yourself Wine Rack

Unused space in the home can easily be repurposed to hold knick-knacks or books. An innovative use of such spaces is to create a small wine rack or wine cellar. A wine rack can be made from inexpensive tubes from home-improvement or office-supply stores to securely house and display wine bottles. Th

How to Remove Pencil Marks From Porcelain Tiles

Traditional and subtle in appearance while being highly durable and low maintenance, porcelain tile is a flooring option found in many homes and businesses. When you drop a pencil on the flooring or a child uses the porcelain tiles as a drawing board, you need to remove the pencil marks so your tile

Video: Moving Electrical Boxes

Video Transcript Were in the process of pulling out the old electrical boxes and were going to move them to the new wall. I have removed this one and here?s the wire hanging here I did shut the power off before I got started in this and they are all these wires are stapled to the studs...

Wood Moulding Types

Moulding, also referred to a molding or trim, is used as a decorative accent in a home. Before the 19th Century, the presence of moulding in a home was sign of both wealth and taste. Today moulding is commonly used to cover the seam where a window or door meets the wall or to accentuate the transiti

Raising the Level of a Concrete Floor

If you have a concrete slab that is not level, the chances of effectively laying down flooring are not in your favor. Even if the slab is slightly off, this defect could spell major problems during flooring installation. With the proper materials and execution, you can easily raise the level of the

How to Paint a Fiberglass Entry Door

Doors made of fiberglass have many advantages. They will not warp, crack, split, or rot like wood. In addition, fiberglass doors provide more insulation for your home than most wood doors, which is a plus in climates that have hot and cold seasons. High quality fiberglass doors can mimic the look of

How to Stain Broom Finished Concrete

Staining a concrete floor can change the entire feel of a room. It adds color, texture and richness to what might otherwise be viewed as a cold concrete slab. There are different types of stains on the market, including solvent-based, acid-based and water-based stains. Each has specific application

How to Make a Passive Solar Water Heater

Every morning, billions of photons are sent streaming from the sun toward planet Earth. When they strike a surface, the atoms get excited and begin to move faster, generating heat, or warming up. This process is called thermal conduction and is the scientific principle behind the design of passive s

How to Select Countertops

The countertop you select is likely going to be a part of your home's kitchen or bathroom for many, many years. Through those years, you and your family members are probably going to give the countertops quite a beating. Take time to research your options and select a material that is tough enough t