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Making a 98 Boot Disk

Windows 98 is an old version of the Microsoft operating system. If you are still running the operating system, you may need a boot disk, which will help start your system and run diagnostics. Creating a boot disk is a relatively easy process that takes a few moments.

How to Uninstall a Program That Has No Path

When a program creates an error message during the uninstall process it indicates missing directory file paths. You will no longer have the option of removing the program with the uninstaller or the Windows Add and Remove Programs feature. Manually removing a program's installed files on the C: driv

How to Install Lame ACM 64

The Lame MP3 ACM 64 codec is an audio codec that enables installed audio players to play MP3 files. The Lame MP3 ACM codec may be downloaded and installed to the Windows operating system. Once the Lame MP3 ACM codec is installed, the codec will appear in any audio player software that lists availabl

How to Replace the Task Manager

The Task Manager allows you to view, launch or end running processes, and track system performance. Some third-party utilities (such as older versions of Process Explorer) however, provide more detailed information on each process, allowing users better control over the PC. Windows Vista, however, m

How to Make Windows 7 Connect to a HomeGroup With Vista

Windows 7 and Windows Vista users can connect to one another over the same network using network discovery. Network discovery allows users in the same homegroup to access each other's files and network devices. To enable Windows 7 to connect to Windows Vista, assign a homegroup name to the network a

How to Enable Protocol in Registry

The successful transmission of data between two or more computers over a network is accomplished by a set of established protocols, such as in client-server environment. The Transmission Control Protocol or TCP is one of the main transport protocols that establish the connection standards for comput

How to Disable Startup Items & Services in Windows XP

Programs that are installed on your computer often have components that start automatically with your operating system in the form of start-up items or start-up services. If too many of these services and programs start with your computer, the operating system takes longer and longer to boot and wor

How to Get a Minecraft Gamesave

"Minecraft," created by Markus Persson, is a popular sandbox game. You will want to backup your save file or share it with your friends to protect you from potential data loss. To backup or share a save file, find the file in your AppData folder.

How to Download CVS

The concurrent versions system, or CVS, is a common method of managing software development across a distributed workgroup. Files are stored in a central repository to which everyone has access. When a file needs to be changed, a team member checks the file out of the repository, which is then marke

How to Flash a BIOS in Windows Vista

Flashing a BIOS, or Basic Input Output System, is nothing more than upgrading the firmware or programming that runs the basic hardware communication for a computer. The benefits of flashing a BIOS include: added hardware support, more efficient hardware performance, and corrections (known as erratas

How to Get Rid of Dllhost

The dllhost.exe infection is synonymous with Worm/Nachi.A.1. The genuine dllhost.exe file is necessary to all Windows-bases computers because it monitors DLL-based activities in the background. You can find the authentic dllhost.exe file in the System32 folder. If it exists outside of this folder, i

IntelliCAD Tutorial

Although Autodesk's AutoCAD is the standard computer-aided design (CAD) software in use, as of 2010, several free and low-cost alternatives exist. IntelliCAD is one of those alternatives. It allows the user to open, edit and save AutoCAD files in the .dwg file format. The user interface for IntelliC

How to Capture the Date and Time Stamp in DOS Command

Capturing the date and time stamp in DOS when you run a program or perform another task is easily accomplished using batch files. DOS batch files are essentially a list of commands which the operating system executes in the order they are listed. Since DOS treats nearly all devices as files, you can

How to Upgrade to Windows 7 Beta From Vista

Developed to provide a focused, incremental upgrade to the Windows line, Microsoft's Windows 7 is compatible with more existing applications and hardware. With new features such as the "Superbar" and "Jump Lists," this new version of Microsoft Windows offers enhanced features and a more user-friendl

How to Change the Explorer Folder Background in Windows 7

Out of the box, Windows 7 does not allow you to change the background image or color of Explorer folders without the use of additional software. Windows 7 Folder Background Changer and AveFolderBG allow you to do just that, in addition to allowing you to change the color of text and add or manipulat

How to Unlock Icons in the Taskbar

The Windows Taskbar runs across the bottom of your screen from the Start button to the time display on the right. The Taskbar consists of two main areas, the Quick Launch toolbar, where you can save icon-based shortcuts to frequently used programs or folders, and the Notification Area, which offers

How to Remove Programs from Windows 7 Registry

Removing a program from the Windows 7 Registry Editor ensures that you completely remove the program from your computer. When the Add/Remove utility does not completely get rid of a program, the Registry Editor is a effective alternative. Although using the Registry Editor is a simple process, you m

How to Speed Up Your Computer's Start Up in Windows 98

No one likes long load times. But at least when waiting for a slow program to startup, users can work on another task. There is no such luxury when your operating system is the program that leaves you waiting. The programs that run automatically at startup and certain operating system settings can d