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Fuel Cards Or Credit Cards?

The benefits of a fuel card compared with just using a credit card. In the current climate of the high rise in fuel prices, it may be worth looking into more detail about getting one.

Credit Card Safety on the Internet

With the click of a button, you can order flowers, book travel or purchase goods from around the world. Internet credit card use has made life easier, but also made us a target for increased credit card fraud and theft. Practicing credit card safety on the Internet can keep your money secure while s

Business Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

If you've thought about starting a business or already have, getting a business credit card with a bad credit history may be tough. As a business owner you may need to do credit checks on your customers as well so you understand a company's reluctance to give you credit based on bad credit

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Business Owners and Mobile Credit Card Processing Virtually every industry in the world has been impacted by all of the advances in technology today. In fact, the area of communication has been impacted substantially because it will allow an individual to contact anyone from almost anyplace in the w

Is Bad Credit Dampening Your Holiday Season Plans?

The holiday season is upon us and there is a high probability that many of us have already exhausted our credit limits, leaving little or nothing to go-ahead with the much-awaited season's shopping. For those with bad credit, avoiding the credit card trap is a must.

Credit Card Interest Law

Your credit card provider charges you interest on items you purchase with your credit card in order to make a profit. While charging interest is a permissible business strategy, federal law regulates credit card company policies regarding interest charges. This protects consumers from unexpected int

10 Pocket-Friendly Tips For Credit Protection

Credit card scams can be frustrating to deal with. A lot of consumers become victims. These crimes are one of the main causes of bad credit. Read on and know how you can protect your credit through af

Top 5 Purchases That Could Annoy Your Credit Card

Credit cards are magical portals that open up a world where getting what we desire is made to look easy. But when you are tricked by the spells of credit cards and fall victims to the constant temptation it keeps instilling in you, you are surely in for trouble.

How to Build Credit

Two methods to build positive credit, regardless of your current credit score.

Credit Score Ratings - What They Mean

When we find out our credit score for the first time, it is important to also find out what our score means. It does us no good to know a number and not know what it means or if it's bad or good. If you just found out your credit score, this is what it could mean:

What Is a Good Fico Score?

The Fair Isaac Corp. has developed this computer model that takes into account different pieces of records about your credit status, both current as well as past. After gathering all this data, the model compares it to the data of thousands of other people and assigns you a score.

The Basics of Gas Credit Cards

In today's fast paced society people tend to take every short cut they can to save time and money, even at the gas pump. The faster we get things done the happier we are. If we can save money at the same time, that is even better. Thus the reason there are an increasing number of people that ar

Should You Pay Medical Bills With a Credit Card?

There are some people who pay for everything with their credit card and then write just one check at the end of each month paying off the balance in full. If you are this sort of person and you are certain that you can pay the balance in full, there is no reason not to pay your medical bills with a

How to Use Credit Cards Safely and Efficiently

Credit cards can be beneficial for your personal finance life if they are utilized properly. Now one may ask what does it specifically mean to utilize one properly? One technique is to use them exclusively ...

Things That May Not Be Disclosed By Your Credit Card

Under the Federal Law, credit card companies are required to disclose all its fees and terms to its holders. Nevertheless, what you read in the fine print may not be the complete details of what ...

Credit Cards - One Size Fits All

In the past, credit cards come in a single size, one that resembles the dimensions of a standard rectangular business card (on landscape orientation). Its a good size actually its large enough to fit into any wallet, billfold or purse. Anything larger would make the card difficult to keep, and anyt

Credit Card Balance Transfers Explained

An in depth look into credit card balance transfers. The pros and cons of changing credit cards and transferring the outstanding balance.

How To Build Your Credit Card Rating

Almost everybody knows the main advantages of owning a credit card. Credit cards are used all over the world and they are the most popular payment system these days. It is easier than ever to pay airline tickets or holidays using it, in almost every country. But the credit card rating is paying a si

Is a Pre Paid Credit Card Right For You?

If you are in the market for a pre paid credit card then you most certainly are not alone. Prepaid cards are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of payment amongst consumers today. It's actually rather easy to see why. Let's take a look at the features and benefits of this relat