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Knots Used in Jewelry Making

Whether you're using a slippery vinyl cord, a thin elastic string or a rough strand of hemp to make your jewelry, you're probably going to have to tie a knot at some point. Knots are useful not only for attaching clasps and rings to a finished piece, but they can add design and texture to your work.

How to Make Marbelized Soap

Marbelized soap adds an extra touch to an already beautiful handmade product. Choose colors that match the bathroom décor in your home or perhaps correlate the scent with the color. If you are making blueberries and cream soap, using blue and white would be the perfect color choices to make you

Beading Knots Instructions

Beadmakers learn to use different types of knots in their creations so they can achieve different results. One knot allows you to secure specific kinds of beads as you're stringing them onto your beading cord (lark's head knot) while other knots allow you to secure the ends of your beading cord toge

How to Make Fabric Flowers & Heat the Edge to Curl

When making a fabric floral embellishment for a craft project, you can use one of several techniques, but none look quite as realistic or elegant as those made from a synthetic fabric, such as synthetic chiffon. Using a synthetic fabric allows you to curl the edges of the petals using heat to create

How to Make Homemade Rag Dolls of the 1930's

Homemade rag dolls of the 1930s are some of the most sought after dolls by collectors. They are loved for their character and charm. You can make a reproduction rag doll reminiscent of the 1930s that will add charm to your own home. They can be used for display or they can be given as a gift to a sp

How to Make Styrofoam Skulls

For parties and events surrounding Halloween or the Day of the Dead, it’s often fun to decorate your home in somewhat morbid ways. While many stores stock their shelves with fake chains and skeletons, you can save a little money by making some props, such as skulls, at home with Styrofoam. To

Aquamarine Information

The aquamarine is a precious gem that jewelers designate as the birthstone of the month of March. Aquamarines range from a pale shade of blue to a more vibrant hue of blue and are hard enough to resist scratching---a feature that makes them popular in jewelry.

How to Know if I Bought a PPV on AT&T Uverse

AT&T's U-verse service provides many TV, internet and voice over Internet Protocol (IP) related features. U-verse service is currently available in 22 states. The online account management website provides information on recent activity along with the ability to customize most features. Charges for

How to Reshape a Gible Felt Hat

Gible is a character in Pokemon that is available on felt hats. These hats fit to the head of their owner but they can be reshaped or resized using a simple process. Gible felt hats are not the only hats that can be reshaped. All felt hats can be reshaped using this simple process. The process invol

Steps in Building a Popsicle-Made Arch Bridge

An ice cold Popsicle on a hot summer day remains a classic part of the summer. Instead of tossing your Popsicle sticks into the garbage, re-purpose them and build an arched bridge. Building a bridge from Popsicle sticks continues to be a common project often attempted in science class. Some classroo

How to Perform the Vanishing Card

The Vanishing Card requires usage of the Palm Technique. The magician allows the spectator to choose a card at random, but after saying any form of magic words, the top card, previously her chosen card, changes! And the chosen card is nowhere to be found! Here is how to make it vanish.

Overlay Crochet Projects

Overlay crochet is a technique developed by Melody MacDuffee. The technique, worked with multiple yarns in different colors, creates mandala designs that look similar to the wheel of a kaleidoscope. Whether you are sewing your overlay crochet pieces together to make an afghan or working up delicate

How to Create Nature-Themed Wall Decorations

Nature is one of the most beautiful things that exists on earth. It makes perfect sense that you would want to share this with your children, family or classroom by creating nature-themed wall decorations. This is an ideal way to encourage a love of nature in children and to remind them just how acc

How to Clean Mosaic Tile

It is important to thoroughly clean mosaic tile, as its uneven surface can collect dirt, which is not only unhygienic, but can shorten the life of your mosaic tile. Fortunately, maintaining your tile can be done with just a few basic household items. The frequency with which you clean your tile shou

Sewing an Elastic Casing

Elastic allows a garment to comfortably move with the body, adjusting to minor changes in weight. It also makes gentle folds in the fabric more easily than any other method. One of the simplest ways to apply elastic to clothing or other fabric items is to make what’s called a self-casing. This

Bridal Shower Scrapbook Ideas

Creating visual and tactile memories by scrapbooking will be a keepsake that any bride-to-be will treasure. Scrapbook pages are fitting mementos to give a bride, detailing the experiences that lead up to her wedding day. Incorporate a scrapbooking activity into the bridal shower so that the guests c

How to Make Clear Resin Pendants

Working with resin is a good way to customize a pendant and put exactly what you want into it. A small object, candy or even a photograph can be embedded in the resin to create a one-of-a-kind necklace for any holiday or occasion. Make them and give them as gifts. They are simple to make and you can

How to Make a Box Cart to Carry Frames

Moving frames can be extremely tiring, so create something with which to move them. When it comes to creating a mobile solution, a box crate cart is an inexpensive yet reliable option. For less than $20, you can create a box cart to move your frames in under 30 minutes.