Teen Girls Bedroom Decorating Tips


    Cheerful Colors

    • Even if the favorite colors of the teenage girl are black, gray, burgundy or brown, you can still paint the walls a bright cheerful color like light mauve, peach, turquoise, yellow, mint or robin's egg blue. You want the teenager to enter the room and feel uplifted, as if it is a center of positive energy. Dark colors can depress; however, if the teenager's favorite color is black, do compromise by adding a chic black comforter and throw rug with patterns such as tiny white flowers or polka dots.


    • The teen years are the time to finish instilling habits of neatness and organization into your child's character. Prevent clutter by giving her fabric or plastic bins to store school papers, trinkets, jewelry and makeup. Outfit her closet with a series of hooks to hang up her clothes. Decorative low boxes are perfect for storing items that she doesn't often use under her bed. Make sure there are enough shelves on the walls.


    • Pick a light-colored desk that has plenty of desk drawers and ample surface area so that she has room to study. Pair it with a comfortable desk chair. Pick a comfortable piece of furniture such as a chaise longue or a beanbag chair where she can think and read and listen to music comfortably. Consider installing a trundle bed or spare bed so that friends can sleep over.

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