Discovering the Beauty of Conoor

India has long remained an enigma in the minds of many travelers.
It has been shrouded in a veil of mysticism and spirituality due to its eclectic mix of cultures and religions.
Throughout the years many travelers were drawn to India in the hope of discovering something that had been hitherto unspoiled by the commercial tourism industry.
Conoor, which has been hugely popular among locals for its cool climate and breathtaking mountainous scenery, is just beginning to open its doors to foreign travelers.
It remains unexploited by the big hotel chains and has not been converted into a touristy holiday resort despite its natural beauty and vast potential as a tourist hotspot.
Located high up on the Nilgris Mountains in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, this area is famous for the production of Nilgiri tea.
Because of its location, the town of Conoor also serves as an ideal base to trek the challenging Nilgiri Hills.
Hidden away among the hills are a number of beautiful water falls, the most well known among them being St.
Catherine Falls.
This waterfall cascades down from a height of 250 feet and is best seen from a rock formation known as the Dolphin's Nose.
Nestled among the mountains in Conoor is the historic Droog Fort which is situated more than 6,000 feet above sea level.
The trek up to this fort is physically demanding and can only be accomplished by experienced hikers and mountaineers.
This fort was used by the Tipu Sultan in the 1500s because its naturally high elevation allowed excellent reconnaissance of the surrounding low areas.
Other historically important attractions in Conoor are St.
George's Church and Sim's Park.
Located close to the popular hill station of Ooty, a holiday in this area makes for a relaxing and pleasant experience.
Coonoor hotels such as the The Gateway Hotel Church Road Coonoor offer excellent facilities and great transportation links to the surrounding areas of the town.
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