Does RegCure Really Work? My Review

This is a simple yet powerful software that is used to clean windows registry.
You have the option of cleaning it automatically or you can do it manually by specifying what gets cleaned and what doesn't If you aren't comfortable enough winding through the registry, you can clean the registry automatically, while you sip your coffee.
While Regcure scans the registry, it shows the progress of the scan.
You will get an update real time as your registry gets fixed.
You can even schedule so as to scan the registry at a time you are comfortable and convenient with.
You can be rest assured that the scan will be done on those hours.
Well, if you are finicky about peak performance, you can even schedule it to run as soon as your system starts off.
Even better is that you can protect yourself against inadvertent deletions by backing up with Regclean.
If you are a user of Win XP or Vista , you can take a good advantage of these features.
Users of Windows 2000 or Win 98 need not worry, a back up file is created every time a registry item is removed.
Using it, you can also choose which programs to launch when the system starts up.
This saves your system from being bombarded by programs which you do not need at start up.
This also helps in speeding your system to a great extent and also gets rid of unwanted programs.
While Regcure is quite powerful, it isn't very techie program as such.
Even a first time user who is a non-techie can easily use the software.
That is mainly because of the easy and simple interface.
Once the program starts u can scan for 11 different types of registry entries.
The list includes uninstall entries, font entries, shared dlls, application paths and help files information.
If you want to know more about a particular item, all you have to do is to run your cursor over them, you will have the information.
Once you hit the scan button, you are given a live update of how the scan is progressing as well as information on the problems that were found in different registry areas.
It takes some time for Regcure to completely scan the registry and fix the errors, so grab a munch or a cup of coffee.
Once the scanning is completed, you will be shown how many errors were found and in which areas of the registry.
The software will prompt you to fix the errors.
However the fixing part can be done only with the full version of Regcure and the demo version will not allow the fixes to happen.
One special feature that Regcure offers is you can create restore points for the registry.
In case there are unwarranted deletions, you can easily restore from the last system restore point.
You can also setup an ignore list so that these are not deleted.
Some of the other features that Regcure has are 1.
Scheduled scans: You can schedule your registry scans to be performed daily, weekly or monthly and include a start time.
So what not scan your registry while you are fast asleep even.
Manage Startup programs: Another great feature about RegCure is you can manage your startup programs.
This is one area that can affect computer performance greatly as many programs you don't want to use can be loaded as soon as you start up your computer without you knowledge or permission and this can be a big drain on performance.
You can manage the startup programs and remove ones that you aren't using right then freeing up resources.
If you are looking for a great software that will fix your windows registry, then Regcure would be an obvious choice.
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