Dating Advice For Guys Girls Can"t Resist

Most guys who ask a girl out for a date are often wracking their brains for something and somewhere to take their date, especially to a place that they have not been before to make it interesting.
Of course, this all depends on how you feel about the girl you date, you may not want to try something different but stick to the tried and true.
The women you date often have had other dates so you want to make an impression that separates you from the rest.
A few ideas to take a date that will put you at an advantage over the others will make all the difference to how much fun you have on the date as well.
If you are going for drinks, you can pick a unique place you had heard or read about recently that gets rave reviews.
It could be a country pub or a unique hot spot that just opened up in your area that is new and fresh.
Try to stay away from crowded nightclubs and bars, instead opt for a concert by a local artists to be different.
Going for walks in a day date is very popular and cheap.
It is a great way to get to know each other and making some moves by being close and holding hands.
Throw in some adventure and go for a bike ride or a touristy water activity.
It is a great opportunity for fun and being a little goofy without being embarrassed.
Dinner dates is a big thing.
If you really want to impress your date, pay for dinner.
It does not mean you are going to get a little something in return.
If you are looking for a pay off for your investment you are on a completely different date that some women might appreciate and a lot who do not.
Women love to eat and make a great night with great food.
The tried and true, old favourite, the movies.
The only problem is there is no talking for an hour or so but it will provide great conversation after to make the date even longer than you hoped.
Just make sure it is a movie she will like usually a comedy is a good bet.
The risky date you can try out is one that she has always wanted to do and never had the chance.
This could be an adventure for both of you that includes zip lining, water park extravaganza, or some other crazy idea she has mentioned in conversation.
You might not be into it, but if you do decide to take the risk, you can really impress her with your sense of adventure and ensure another date.
Fortunately or unfortunately, women love free food, free drinks and a really good time.
If she offers to pay her way, you can refuse and let her leave the tip or buy the popcorn.
Just make sure that she knows that you are taking her out not the other way around.
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