7 Warning Signs He May Be Bad For You

The so-called bad boys attract a lot of attention.
Women seem to be drawn to them for all the wrong reasons.
Most of the time, they think they can somehow convince bad boys to change their ways.
While that may be possible in a few cases, there really are some men who won't change their ways.
It's easy to tell which men are wrong for you right from the start.
Here are some of the glaring signs that the guy is bad news: 1.
He's wearing a wedding ring.
If you're at a party and a guy with a ring on his finger, it's your cue to get away from him right away.
In cases where the guy isn't wearing a ring, find a way to examine his ring finger.
See if there's a telltale mark there.
If his finger doesn't offer any clues and you're still suspicious, ask the people who know him better.
He asks if you have friends who want to hang out, too.
If a guy does this, it could mean that he's not interested in you.
It could also mean that he wants to have more options in case you reject him.
He is on the prowl and it doesn't matter who he ends up with.
Any woman will do.
He talks about himself all the time.
A guy whose favorite conversation topic is himself is an insensitive individual who needs to boost his ego constantly.
No matter how good he looks or how accomplished he is, you don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to get to know you.
He'll probably treat you as a prop.
He is proud about his wild antics.
There's a big difference between a guy who wants to be honest about his less-than-ideal past and a guy who likes to brag about being bad.
You can take a chance with the former, but you have to get away from the latter.
He disrespects you.
If a man ignores you, talks down to you or makes you do chores for him without thanking you, then he clearly doesn't care about you.
He only calls you late at night or when he's drunk.
A man who wants to commit to a serious relationship with you won't do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.
He doesn't have the right to treat you that way.
He never reciprocates.
If you end up paying for your dates all the time, then the guy may not be ready for a relationship.
It's not just about the money.
Unless the guy is experiencing severe financial strain, he should be able to set aside some money to spend on you.
It's not as if you're asking him to buy you diamonds.
You can use your common sense to figure out if a guy is bad for you.
But, if you have a weak spot for bad boys, you should take this list seriously.
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