How to Obtain your DBA Certification

The whole world is run by computers, so how can it ever be a bad time to get started on a career in the computer industry? The answer is, it can never be a bad time to get into the computer field. One job you can do in the industry is that of Database Administrator.

What is a database administrator and how does a person go about becoming one?
In nearly every industry data is collected and stored in a database. A database administrator makes sure that this information is in order. They set up and organize the database and make sure that it is accessible to users. Data integrity, backup, and of course security are major parts of the job.

Database administrators work in offices and labs, generally 40 hours per week. From time to time weekend work is required. Telecommunicating or working from home is common among these professionals.

A database administrator is required to think logically, be able to concentrate, and pay close attention to detail. You will be managing and guarding all of your company's information. You will be required to stay on top of the current technology in your field. Many of these workers are constantly taking courses in order to keep up with the constant advancements in computer technology.

Many jobs as a data base administrator require a 2 year associated degree, while others require a four year degree. However, there is no real way to prepare for a job as a data base administrator, since each job will have specific information and data base set up for the administrator to deal with. More and more companies are looking for a person with a master's degree in business administration with a concentration on information systems. Many companies simply look for the person that is most up to date on technology. In 2006, there were around 119,000 data base administrators earning anywhere from $38,000 to $104, 000 per year. This number has grown and continues to grow ever since.

Database administrators work in every sector of the economy. Those with a college or graduate degree stand the best chance of landing these jobs as do people with experience in the field.
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