How to Make Your Valances

    • 1). Measure the dimensions of the selected window so you can cut the fabric for the valance accordingly. Take the measurement of the width (distance between two ends) of the curtain rod to determine the width of the valance. Add 4 inches to the measurement and note it. Also measure the length of the valance, or how low you want it to hang over the drapery. Add 6 inches to the measurement and note it.

    • 2). Spread the valance fabric on an ironing board or a fabric cutting board with its right side down. Smooth out any folds or creases. Refer to the noted measurement to cut the fabric into the selected width and length. Use sharp fabric scissors when cutting the fabric and keep excess aside.

    • 3). Fold over and pin the four edges of the rectangular cutout by 1 inch, in turn. Pin each fold to keep it from coming loose. When complete, fold the two sides and lower edge of the fabric again by 1 inch. Remove the pins holding the previous folds and insert them through to hold the new folds. The side folded only once by 1 inch forms the top of the valance.

    • 4). Remove the pins along the top edge of the fabric and sew 5/8 inches from the bottom folded edge, from one corner to the next. Remove the pins along each edge of the fabric, in turn, and sew 5/8 inches along the bottom of the folded edge. Use thread that matches the fabric.

    • 5). Fold the top edge of the valance fabric to form a pocket for the rod. Bring the top edge back over the remaining fabric to form a 3-inch rod pocket. Iron the fold to keep it in place and sew over the other end that rests against the remaining fabric with matching thread.

    • 6). Iron the valance to remove folds. Insert an end of the rod through a corner of the sleeve and extend it until it is completely covered. Distribute the valance equally over the curtain rod before pushing its end out.

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