What Ruins a Relationship? Mistakes Women Need to Avoid When Dating

If you feel as though you've met a man and the potential is there for an amazing relationship you want to avoid doing anything that may make him pull back.
Because men don't come with guidebooks we're typically left to our own devices, and the insight of our friends, to determine what we need to do to capture his heart and keep it.
We all make mistakes though and sometimes those missteps are enough to derail the entire relationship.
Al the promise disappears, he's suddenly very distant and it's only a short time until it fizzles out and ends.
If you don't want that, you need to recognize what the major mistakes are that women make so you can avoid them.
Jealousy is often what ruins a relationship.
It's natural for a woman to feel territorial when she's met a man that she's falling for.
Good men are hard to find and once you have one in your life you certainly don't want anyone else stealing him away.
You have to be mindful of how he perceives your jealousy though.
To men it's not romantic or endearing when a woman gets upset because he's talking to an attractive female.
To man it's a sign of someone who lacks self esteem.
Your jealousy of other woman suggests to him that you feel threatened by them.
Don't show that type of behavior to a man, ever.
Getting too serious too quickly is another way that a budding relationship can quickly fall apart.
Although it's understandable why you'd want to tell him that you're falling in love with him, unless he's ready to hear it, it's going to scare him.
Most men want to set the pace for their relationships.
If they feel cornered or pressured into revealing what they feel too soon, they'll sometimes break off the relationship.
You don't want this to happen so pace yourself when it comes to telling him exactly what you feel.
Another thing that most women don't pay enough attention to is all the drama they bring into the relationship.
We all have problems that we struggle with but if you constantly complain about every small thing to your guy, he's going to get tired of being around you.
Try your best not to do this.
Talk to your girlfriends if you have things you're struggling with that involve work or friends.
Don't present it all to your man too soon.
He'll think you aren't mature enough to handle the pressures of life and no one finds that appealing.
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