Essay Writing for MBA Selection Process

Essay writing is an important tool in the MBA selection process. Not only does it assess the candidature of a candidate, an essay is gives a clear picture of the goals and objectives of the said candidate.

It is a short piece of writing that presents the candidate's view point. Some call it an organized collection of ideas whereas some call it a presentation on your outlook of the topic. While there is no fixed format of an essay, a standard essay should contain the following:

1. An introduction
2. A body
3. A conclusion

It is very important to review the essay and submit it only when all the errors have been eliminated from it. A candidate should not forget that an essay will differentiate him/her from the other candidate.

With so many consultants to choose from, it is difficult for a candidate to choose the right one. General Education is one of the top MBA application consultancy in the world. Founded by a team of seasoned professionals, General Education has helped over 500 candidates secure admission in top B-Schools.

General Education helps the MBA applicants in preparing their essays and provide them with a valuable and appropriate feedback. Our team of best MBA admission consultants, who are themselves alumni of top tier B schools, help the candidate with the content of the essay, clarity of thought, and guide them to develop an appropriate structure. The essay helps the candidate market himself and also put his point across effectively.
What is it that differentiates General Education from the rest of the admissions' consultancies across the country?

1. General Education was founded by a team of alumni from top tier B schools.
2. General Education provides you both verbal and written feedback.
3. General Education provides a recording of the session to the candidate.
4. General Education helps the candidates write original pieces of work.

How does General Education help its candidates?
After the student has paid the full enrollment fees, as quoted by the sales team, the candidate is introduced to an expert education consultant from General education. The consultant guides the candidate about the process and helps him draft his essay for submission. The mba essay editing process is a long process and requires a lot of brainstorming between the candidate and the expert consultant.

After the first brainstorming session, the student is required to write the first draft of the essay and submit it to the consultant. The expert consultant then reviews the essay and provides his comments and feedback.

After this, if the candidate wants, he can schedule an hour long session with the consultant and understand the changes that need to be incorporated. The applicant is then expected to rewrite the essay and send it back to the consultant. the consultant, once again provides his feedback to the candidate within 7 days.

The final essay is prepared after discussions and rounds of improvements and the price of the essay depends on the B-School the candidate is applying to.
The objective of the entire process is that the candidate develops an essay which helps him in securing an admission to a top tier B-School.
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