Menandro"s House in Pompeii

That of Menander is one of the most beautiful homes and interesting throughout Pompeii. It owes its name to a painting depicting the famous greek poet Menander. It was a patrician house and its owner was called Fifth Poppeo, a member of the family of Poppaea, the second wife of the Emperor Nero. In 1930 the house was found a real treasure: 15 pieces of silver that are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Naples.
Entering the lobby there are rich decorations, the Lararium to temple and various paintings with mythical subjects. Following are several columns in red and black. On the south side of the house a number of exedras painted with hunting scenes and portraits of famous poets. To the west, a bathroom with a heating system. Leaving the bathroom, a hallway leads to the kitchen and the basement. Right here was found the silver.
From the house of Menander it also shows the great Gymnasium, a sports complex inside the Augustan age that also boasted the presence of a swimming pool. Behind the gym amphitheater, built not by chance behind the town to avoid traffic problems and public policy. The passion for the circus games, in fact, often degenerated into clashes.
The so-called Villa of Poppea is not found in Pompeii but at Oplontis, the modern Torre Annunziata. Like Pompeii and Herculaneum was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79.
The excavations carried out between 1964 and 1984 have brought to light this house that, for archaeologists, was the summer residence of Poppea Sabina, the second wife of the Emperor Nero. According to scholars, the house was uninhabited at the time of the eruption perhaps because being renovated as a result of damages to one of the many earthquakes that devastated the area, in particular that of 62 d. C.
The villa was built in the middle of the first century BC Equipped with rooms with porches, many rooms and a spa district is surrounded by extensive gardens. And there is also a room dedicated to the production of wine. In many rooms have been discovered decorations with false doors and columns, along with the actual architectural elements, create the games perspective. Numerous frescoes representing animals including peacocks, masks and still lifes.
If the east is almost entirely excavated, the West has not yet come to light because it is located just below the modern city, at a military building: the 'old Real Fabbrica d'Armi.

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