Berijam Lake: A Dazzling Ornament of Kodaikanal City

Located at the end of Pillar Rocks Road, 21 Km southwest of Kodaikanal Lake map, Berijam Lake is one of the most popular Mahabaleshwar attractions. There are two roads from Berijam, the Kodaikanal-Munnar Road to Munnar Town and another going to Kavunji Village, which is 9 Km from this place. The old roads have overgrown vegetation and come in handy by masses as walking trails by trekkers and villagers.

Berijam Lake is without any doubt the most obvious touring spot by visitors of Kodaikanal. You can take a bus tour from Kodai bus stand, which is about 23 Km from this lake. It is a captivating picnic spot. You can bring along a bunch of your friends to spend some fun-filled moments. It is easily accessed by well maintained roads; however you need to have a forest admission pass. The District Forest Office at Kodaikanal issues free entry passes to access this area.

Adding glory to the mountains all around this place, clean water of Berijam Lake teams up with trout and cyprinus. If you love fishing and have plans to do in this area, then you would have to seek prior permission to do. Feel the joy of fishing in this area and enjoying the moment. Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is one of the most stunning lakes in the entire South India. The best aspect of this lake is that its water is extremely pure in nature and comes in handy as the main source of water for a Periyakulam town located in the valley below Kodaikanal.

Berijam Lake is an exceptional tourist spot with regular presence of bison, leopard and wide varieties of chirping birds. If you want to have some fun on water, then you can take a boat trip in this mesmerising lake and enjoy refreshing surrounding. You have to take prior permission from the District Forest Officer before visiting this lake, as it is not open for general public. Visits to this place is organised particularly for official researchers. Trekkers can seek permission for an overnight stay. But, if that's not your cup of tea, then you can research about Kodaikanal hotels. Getting a hotel room in Kodaikanal would be easy if you've some prior knowledge about this city.

Berijam has an approximately 100 year old 2-storey brick building, which is partially damaged and blackened over the years. "Britisher's Transit Camp" is etched on its wall with a bright yellow paint. This is one of the many transit camps built every 15 Km for the British soldiers to rest along the 230 Km British "Escape Route" from Kodaikanal. This was built during WW2 particularly as an escape option. Over the past few decades, a majority of transit camps have either been destroyed or demolished, the one at this place still stands strong. Dive into the history to explore the style of construction of this building and how British soldiers spent their time here. This trip would be far more stimulating and entertaining if you have interest in Indian history.
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