Lead Generation Content - Use Content to Break Down Customer Journey Barriers and Friction Points

The success a business has in generating new leads corresponds directly to how well that business removes friction and barriers from the beginning of its buyer journey.
Less Friction + Fewer Barriers = More Leads "Friction" in the world of marketing and the customer journey is simply anything standing in the way of that buyer taking the next step towards purchasing.
At each stage of the customer journey, customers have "barriers" or friction points that prevent them from taking the next step.
On the other end, there are "motivators" that act as catalysts to move them to the next step in the journey.
The following are examples of Customer Journey Barriers or Friction Points during the Online Lead Generation Stage:
  • Difficulty accessing decision-making information
  • High costs without effectively communicating value
  • Confusing and disorganized website experience
  • Online chat sales support does not work as expected
The following are examples of Customer Journey Motivators during the Online Lead Generation Stage:
  • Product pricing and feature comparison tools
  • In-chat Ecommerce purchasing
  • Quick and simple account creation process pre-purchase
  • Testimonials of clients that resonate with prospects
Online Lead Generation The online customer journey typically begins with a Google search that leads a prospect to a company's website.
Once at that website, it's essential that content quality and organization break down barriers (not create them).
Research, research, research.
You know your prospects' greatest fears and concerns, right? Wrong.
One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is assuming they have a full understanding of their potential customers' pains.
While it's OK to outline perceived barriers based on past experiences, this information should always be validated against customer research.
Using Content to Remove a Barrier in the Customer Journey Identify the Barrier -> Validate the Barrier through Research -> Address the Barrier in Content -> Content Creates Understanding to Remove the Barrier This type of qualitative research of your existing customer base and pools of potential customers means that you're willing to take the time to get a deeper understanding of the pain your target personas are facing.
This research will not just be useful for creating content to address existing barriers, but can also help you revamp your entire online customer experience to create a frictionless online conversion path.
Develop Your Lead Generation Content Once you've gathered your research and you're ready to start content development, make sure that you design and create with customer experience in mind.
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