Sharing And Securing Data Made Easier With Portable Data Storage Systems

With the ever increasing need for data storage and security there is a wide range of data storage solutions available to end users. Protecting the data stored in the USB devices plays a significant role, especially when handling sensitive information. In order to protect the data, it is also important to choose suitable devices that encrypt the stored data and maintain its sensitivity.

All businesses big or small have an inherent demand for data storage. There is no end to volumes of information that accumulate every day in the form of e-mails, presentations, documents, databases, audio-visual files, graphics and many more. This data is the bloodline of your enterprise. Along with that comes the issue of data protection. Even if data falls in the wrong hands there must be adequate measures to protect it from falling into the long hands. This had led to the growing demand for data storage systems and security solutions.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there is a wide range of data storage solutions available. Prior to choosing one, it is important to consider a host of parameters. To begin with, you need to consider your storage needs. This includes the volume of data you need to store now and in the immediate future, how fast you need to access it or from what locations you will access data. Here is quick look at various types of data storage and security solutions.

Flash memory thumb drives These storage devices are beneficial if you are constantly on the move and need to carry data. They are tiny enough to fit on a keychain. You can connect them to your laptop's USB port to take a backup of the files you need to carry. You can have the information transferred to another computer by plugging the thumb drive in its USB port. Some of these drives use encryption so that data is not stolen n if you happen to lose it. The latest flash drives offer very fast data transfer rate. You can store your outlook data, Internet Explorer bookmarks, files and even desktop applications in them.

External hard drives - This is the best way to add storage space. Storing your data in these relatively inexpensive data storage systems would free up valuable space on your computer. You can choose between various types of connections of external hard drives, such as Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), or FireWire connections. These drives are compatible to both PC and Mac computers.

Cloud storage - Online storage or cloud storage is one of the popular data storage solutions where data is stored on a remote server. This eliminates the need for spending on the maintenance of hardware and the need for additional office space as well. You can access your data from all locations just by signing into your account from any computer with internet connection.

Companies such as Bates Data Security and Testing Solutions understand the needs and requirements of end users and offer a range of versatile data storage solutions
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