Pimping Your Ride Starts With a Great Set of Rims

Forgetting for a moment about some of the gangster-type classic cars that come equipped with hydraulic suspensions that can bounce a vehicle several feet off the ground, we realize that the single most important piece of automobile equipment consists of the rims.
These days, aluminum rims that exceed 20 inches in diameter are not uncommon.
The reason? Aluminum rims have a special purpose.
The flashier, the better because they have a way of attracting the eye and attention of onlookers.
In the pick-up artist industry, this is called peacocking and for good reason; once you equip your vehicle with a flashy set of rims, there is very little else that onlookers will notice.
However, there are more rims available than the 20-inchers seen on most restored classics.
In fact, most general-market vehicles come equipped with rims that should be replaced, and here are two performance-related reasons why: 1) Tire Performance: Standard rims often offer just the basics in terms of performance and reliability.
And, in most cases, this is all most drivers will ever need.
However, with a decent set of tires running over $1,000, accessorizing them with the standard rims that came with your vehicle actually de-values their purpose.
By equipping your vehicle with higher-end rims (which can run more than $1,000 as well), you will be able to experience the high-quality performance value that the tires themselves offer.
2) Overall Vehicle Performance: After-market rims often provide weight savings that, in turn, can enhance the performance of your vehicle.
By reducing weight, automobiles can perform better.
It is often difficult to cut weight on a car, but one can start by removing heavy equipment like back seats, the spare tire, the air conditioning unit, and the list can go on.
However, serious drivers and enthusiasts who have already taken these measures are left with few options unless it means completely overhauling their vehicle (which is often not feasible).
The next best place to look? The wheels (oops, they are better known these days as rims).
With some standard rims weighing more than 100 pounds more than their after-market counterparts, replacing standard rims with after-market rims can shave a substantial amount of weight off the vehicle as a whole.
As most enthusiasts will agree, a set of performance-rated rubber can enhance many performance measures.
Acceleration and cornering are among the most obvious.
However, an expensive pair of rubber is often diminished less effective with standard, manufacturer-equipped rims.
As well, enthusiasts will agree that weight hinders performance and shaving as little as 10 pounds off total vehicle weight can have a significant impact in even the shortest of drag races (not that you should drag race).
As such, serious automotive enthusiasts will find that switching from standard rims to after-market rims can enhance both tire and vehicle performance.
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