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Plenty of Jesus Christ lizards (basilisiks) are present in the corporate world. Indeed, these lizards enjoy great respect and reputation also from the corporate leaders in most corporate. To know the truth of how worthy these lizards are for the respect they enjoy, one need to study these lizards carefully.

The Jesus Christ lizard can run fast on the surface of the water. While running, the lizard keeps its body vertical and with its hind limbs, it runs through the surface of the water. Such movement of the lizard on the surface of water is very amazing to watch like an act of a magician. How this particular species of lizard could run on the surface of the water so easily? Why they don't sink.

The interesting point is that before even the surface tension of the water breaks, the lizard moves fast. It balances its body weight by giving partial responsibility to the air to carry and then move fast even before the water surface experience the tension due to the weight of the animal.

Many people in the corporate are like Jesus Christ lizard. They keep €some' knowledge in many subjects. The can swiftly move through different nature of activities in the corporate. Whether it is relating to research, sales and marketing, accounts and finance, purchase, advertisement, legal etc.,. They move through the surface of different subjects/functions like how a Jesus Christ lizard moves on the surface of water.

Jesus Christ lizard (basilisik) although knows to swim, running on the surface of water only help them to cross the water easily than by swimming. Further they need to spent more energy for swimming also. Basilisik lizard like people in the corporate always display that they can run through many subjects and they are €jacks of all trades'. They may not have in-depth knowledge in any subject but will have fair understanding capability and can give their inputs at least at the surface level.

They smartly ensure that they do not get sink into their ignorance while running through the surface of different subjects/fields where they do not have core competency or expertise. Corporate in general respect such people a lot because the corporate believes that these people have some basic knowledge and reasoning ability in many subjects.

Every planning exercise in the corporate requires the integration of diverse knowledge, wisdom and sense of reasoning and experiences of different people. Two experts from different fields generally fail to integrate their knowledge or expertise for a common goal. Whereas, the Jesus Christ lizards like people in the corporate can easily integrate the different expertise of different people to achieve the corporate goal. They know to respect every field of expertise as they have some basic knowledge and also can run through the surface of each field quickly.

Because of their unique ability and capability only, the Jesus Christ lizard like people in the corporate are recognized, respected and paid well.

Learn to go deep in the subject or field of your work but also learn to quickly run through the surface of other fields so that you will become an expert in how to use the expertise of people instead of remain in the gallery as one among the crowd.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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