How to Design Your Own Bathroom Accessories

    • 1). Choose a color or theme to play upon. It is best to start with a solid base color and then add accent colors to that. If you choose a beige, you may want to choose an apple green or brown as complementary colors. If your towels and shower curtain are beige, select apple green throw rugs to place in front of your sink or toilet, thus introducing the green into your bathroom.

    • 2). Thread your elements throughout the bathroom. You might want to add in a frog element to complement the green. Selecting hand towels with frogs featured on them is a great way to introduce this element. An inexpensive and versatile alternative would be purchasing a plain beige soap dish and adding small frog-shaped soaps as a decorative touch.

    • 3). Place unique elements into glass containers to add visual interest to your bathroom. Large, clear containers sold at most home stores allow you the flexibility to change with the seasons. If your space allows, purchase three containers of varying sizes and place them on a countertop. Fill each one with something different that is reflective of your color theme. Select different textures or colors or sizes. Place like kinds in the same container. Bath gels and salts are colorful and inexpensive items to place in glass containers, as are found items, such as fall leaves and pine cones.

    • 4). Add the element of scent to your bathroom with color-coordinating candles. These are easy to switch out as the seasons change.

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